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We are a family run nursery growing plants in sunny Southern California. Corona is on the edge of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts in Riverside County, so conditions are very good for growing drought tolerant plants.


Most of our plants are grown in our greenhouses and shadehouses, but some live outside all year long. We take growing and caring for plants very seriously and do our best to maintain our inventory on a daily basis. We are also C&S collectors and take great care in growing the very best plant we can. We have all kinds of plants, from landscape specimens to windowsill plants. We also do our very best to research the identity of each plant and make sure the name we provide is in fact the name of the plant you buy. Taxonomy is constantly evolving and there is no standard, so the name may be a synonym of the current accepted name.


We take pride in growing the rare and unusual plants. Of course, we still grow all the favorites!



Collector quality Cacti & Succulents






June 2013


Itís finally here! Our 2013 Spring/Summer Plant List is now online!



2013 Plant Lists CLICK HERE




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You can order directly from our website here or if you are an eBay member, we also offer plants for sale there. In either case our primary form of payment is via Paypal. For more details please see our Ordering Info page.


Our contact email is at the bottom of almost every page:







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An alternative to purchasing directly from our website.

Our listings generally run twice per week.


Due to the fast paced nature of eBay, there are plants offered that do not appear on our website right away. For the latest plants we have available, please browse our eBay listings. You can purchase directly from our eBay auctions or if you arenít an eBayer, drop us an email and purchase through our website.




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Our good friend and associate, Daiv Freeman from has embarked on a new endeavor into the land of books. He has a new website loaded with great books at great prices. Not just Cactus and Succulent books, but a nice range of all exotic plants.





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